Our development team support property development strategies from the outset, applying in-depth industry research and knowledge to inform the product definition and structure of the development, to assist on all commercial and legal workstreams on behalf of the developer, and to create and manage the entire sales and marketing process.

Market Research

Competitor benchmarking & market research to support third party feasibility, identifying trends to inform strategies and defining target demographics and strategies for reach. Consistent and ongoing research at all times during the life cycle of the project to ensure any necessary adaptations to meet consumer and market demands.

Product Definition

Analysis of the benchmarking study to support specific recommendations on all matters from unit mix and product size to architectural and interior requirements, and sourcing of brands and operators. We work with the third-party teams and sales agents to ensure an aligned process working towards common goals and contribute to the creation of value-adding propositions, and market positioning to maximise the value of the product and offering.

Services & Legal Support

Assistance in the home owner association (HOA) and definition of the service charge. Definition of the rental programme. Sourcing and identifying banks and brokers for end-user financing. Consultancy and management of the sales agreements in prepartion for sale. Preparation of the Buyer’s Guide highlighting means of acquisition, tax-related items and purchase process overview.

Sales Strategy & Process

Creation and execution of the sales strategy. Definition and management of the reservation and sales process, management of the CRM system and data analysis.

Development Support

Sales strategy integration in line with the build program and financial model, liaison with local authorities & any other official representatives to help support relationships and community engagement initiatives and support.

Asset Management

Creation of strategies to optimise revenue and product awareness. Selection and management of advisors and support on legal, tax, accounting, insurance and HR items. Creation and management of budgets. Liaison and a representative between operator and developer.

Latest Projects

Over the past 7 years, Sorores have created and managed sales and marketing strategies delivering in sales of high value real estate. Our current portfolio exceeds 1,200 units across the globe.



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